Lancia Lambda Series 4 Torpedo Tourer

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Lambda Series 4 Torpedo Tourer





In 1922 there appeared a car, the Lambda, which was arguably the most famous Lancia model ever made, and one of world’s most important designs between the wars. The Lambda had a V4 engine, but with an angle between the cylinders of only 13 degrees, compared with 90 degrees for the average V-engine. The cylinders were cast in one aluminum block and crankcase, and a vertical shaft drove the single-ohc. The absence of a separate chassis meant the driver could sit lower, enabling a low aerodynamic body line to be achieved, while Lancia's patented sliding-pillar independent front suspension endowed the Lambda with ride and handling qualities unmatched by anything in its class. The engine, an overhead-camshaft unit of 2,120cc, was progressively enlarged, arriving at its final 2,570cc, 68bhp configuration in 1928. The Lambda went into production in 1923. At first the only factory body style was an open torpedo tourer; however, two styles of hard top were available, one to make a comfortable saloon, the other a coupe de ville. Lambdas were made in nine series from 1923 to 1931. Total Lambda production was 13,501 and production officially ended in November 1931.

The 7th Series Lambda was introduced in May 1926 and continued the policy of gradual improvement seen in previous series. It was built on two wheelbase lengths, the Tipo 216/217 long chassis or the shorter Tipo 218/219 Corta model (the numbers denoting torpedo or saloon coachwork respectively). Obvious external identifying features from earlier series included smaller doors and a distinctive boot-lid design. Internally, the most significant change was the introduction of the Tipo 78 engine. The upgraded 2,370-cc V-4 engine produces 59 horsepower and several features to improve refinement and reliability. This engine went on to power all the following series of Lambdas, including, in more highly tuned form, those that competed so successfully for the factory in races such as the Mille Miglia from 1928.

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