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K3 Cadillac LH





A valiant attempt to “civilize” the J2-X range without losing its hairy-chested V8 performance, Sydney Allard’s K-3 was launched at the London Motor Show in 1952. The K-3 used a twin-tube steel chassis with the familiar semi-independent swing axle front end and a proper DeDion rear axle with inboard mounted drum brakes.

Allard adapted the Palm Beach in a K3, ans attempt to offer a more civilized variant of the J2 and J2X models seen at the track. Exported to America as a potential "Corvette slayer" Dodge dealers had been clamoring for, it featured one of the most powerful engines of its era, the 331 cu. in. Chrysler hemi engine, fitted with a pair of 4-barrel carburetors.Essentially a rebodied Palm Beach, it failed to find a niche in either market in spite of its performance.

The full width alloy coachwork was a vast improvement over the “boy-racer” J2 appearance. The single bench seat, a full 56 inches in width could accommodate three friendly adults, clear floor space for the middle passenger being provided by a clever off-set gear change lever located close to the driver. Additional features designed to make the K-3 a more practical beast, included twin fuel tanks in the rear fenders to create more luggage room in the trunk, wind-up glass windows, and a real cloth covered convertible top which folded down out of sight behind the rear seat.

It is clear that Sydney Allard had the North American sports car market in mind when he specified the K-3 model range, as 57 of the 62 Allard K-3s built crossed the Atlantic. The majority of K-3s were shipped without engines to American dealers who would then install a Yankee V8 of the purchaser’s choice. Most were fitted with Cadillac engines, making Chrysler Hemi powered K-3s a very rare and desirable exception

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