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As with any manufacturer the product evolved over time, and they added models to the range but most adhered closely the Vélo theme. Catalogued from 1898, one of those was the "Ideal", a term which resonates in many languages and for those who wanted to get from point A to point B without a horse, it was most certainly just that. With the advent of the Ideal the body or coachwork now sat on a flat platform as opposed to the undulating Velo frame, across from the main two seats was a small additional seating space, albeit the passengers being rather exposed and out front was a small bonnet presumably to make it the car appear a little more like its front engined competitors. In this form, the Benz Patent Motorwagen would survive through to 1902, when its concepts gave way to more modern designs.

The Ideal of 1900 also featured an intermediary mechanical gearbox, which provided three speeds and reverse in the belt and chain final drive system. Solid tyres were still the order of the day in 1900 but suspension was good with full elliptic front and semi-elliptic rear springing and also a full elliptic transverse front spring.

Specifically its three speed gearbox allows for a true intermediary gear, in addition to the 'crawl' for hills and 'direct drive' for level ground options. Matched to the large, sturdy single cylinder 4½hp engine, it is reported to 'bowl' along the road happily at speeds in excess of 20mph and that are more than ample relative to their stopping capabilities! For the purist, it is also worth noting that the car runs 'beautifully' on its vaporiser and using Hexane fuel.

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