Mercury Eight Model 2M 8-Passenger Station Wagon

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Eight Model 2M 8-Passenger Station Wagon





All Ford Motor Company cars received new bodies for 1952, mounted on stronger chassis frames and sporting such advanced features as suspended pedals and curved single-pane windshields. Mercury, like Ford, held over its L-head V-8, which had the same displacement as in 1951 but was more powerful, thanks to higher compression. A Merc-O-Matic transmission was optional and very popular; however, nearly half the production run of 1952 was equipped with manual transmission, with about a third of those having optional overdrive.

The 1952 Mercury Station Wagon was offered as a four-door, all-steel model, with seats for either six or eight, decorative maple side and DI-NOC wood grain side trim, and stainless steel trim on the rear wheelhouse. All wagon bodies were assembled at the Rouge plant in Dearborn and then shipped to their respective assembly plants.

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