Minerva AF 32CV Sport Roadster by Freres

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AF 32CV Sport Roadster by Freres





After participating in the war effort, which involved transferring some of its equipment to Holland, Minerva began producing automobiles again after the war, and in the 1920s offered a range of six-cylinder cars. In 1926, they launched the AF model, equipped with a 5.3-litre six-cylinder Knight engine, with the AFS version offering 5.9-litres. At this time, Minerva motorcars were often compared to Hispano-Suizas and Rolls-Royces. However, the death of Sylvain de Jong in 1928, followed by the stock market crash the following year, caused unforeseen problems. Despite financial difficulties, Minerva continued to produce highly prestigious models, including the marque's swan song, the AL 6.6-litres. In 1935, the company merged with Imperia, another Belgian constructor who had already taken over Nagant, Métallurgique and Excelsior, to form the group Imperia-Minerva. The very last cars to carry the Minerva marque left the factory in 1938.

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