Gasmobile 9hp Three Cylinder Stanhope

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9hp Three Cylinder Stanhope





The Gasmobile, originally called the American, was an automobile first produced in 1899. The name was changed to Gasmobile in 1900 by president John H. Flager. Hardly short on ambition, Gasmobile advertised itself as "the finest road carriage built in America" and pushed out multiple models including a single-cylinder, three-cylinder, four-cylinder, and a six-cylinder, with outputs ranging from 3 to 25 bhp. It appeared at the New York Auto Show in 1900. By 1901, 140 cars were made. The Gasmobile proved to be a capable motorcar, sweeping the competitions for gasoline vehicles at the Automobile Club of America's show at Madison Square Garden and taking first prize in the Long Island Endurance Contest. Unfortunately for Gasmobile, its resources were spread too thin, too quickly. The sole flagship six, ordered by Mr. C.V. Brokaw for the 1902 New York Automobile Show, had the potential to become America's first six-cylinder production car – had the company built more than that solitary example. The receivers entered the fray in March of 1902, and by August that year, Gasmobile's production facilities were ordered sold at public auction. One of its distinctive features was an automatic starting device. After producing a six-cylinder car, the company folded in 1902.

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