Oldsmobile 98 Generation 5 1958 J2 Starfire Convertible

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98 Generation 5 1958 J2 Starfire Convertible





The Oldsmobile line underwent a sweeping reengineering in 1957, with a 3-piece rear window making a reappearance on some models. Once again the 4-door 98's were at the top, this year officially titled Starfire 98. Standard equipment included armrests, turn signals, rubber floor mats, sun visors, front fender chrome script, exposed chrome roof bows, side interior courtesy lights, electric windows, special emblems, power steering, power brakes, and Jetaway Hydramatic. Upholstery choices included a variety of cloth, Morocceen (vinyl), and leather. Standard tire size was 9.00 (229) by 14 inches (356 millimetres). The standard engine was now the 371 cu in (6.1 L) Rocket V8. A safety recessed steering wheel was added. Front leg room was 43.8 inches (1,113 millimetres).

The 1957 Oldsmobile, for instance, could be had with something known as the J-2 option. It began with the stock Olds Rocket V-8, which had been enlarged that year to 371 cubic inches and came with a higher 10:1 compression ratio. Oldsmobile’s mad-scientist engineers then removed the standard four-barrel carburettor and installed a new intake with three Rochester two-barrel carbs. Under standard operation, only the centre 280 CFM carb was functioning. When it came time to hit the track, or leave the stoplight, the driver would put “pedal to the metal,” and the outside carburettors, working off the windshield wiper motor, would open up, each flowing 290 CFM. Breathing through dual exhaust, the result was 300 brake horsepower and 415 foot-pounds of torque.

Lee Petty’s J-2-outfitted ’57 Olds sailed down Daytona Beach at 144.9 mph. Bill France Sr., recognizing an unfair advantage when he saw it, complained that Oldsmobile wasn’t offering the J-2 to the public, and he was right. Oldsmobile responded by putting the J-2 on the options list for Mom and Dad’s new car, but the Automobile Manufacturers Association’s ban on factory support for racing came down not long after and settled the matter. The J-2 would last on the books until 1958, but they remained rarely ordered, as few people knew about it. Those “in-the-know,” however, likely never forgot it.

A major styling change was seen in 1958. The 98 series again had its own exclusive wheelbase of 126.5 inches while sharing the more powerful Rocket V8 with the Super 88. Four body styles were available. Standard series equipment included four headlights, oil filter, turn signals, printed circuit instrument cluster, aluminium anodized grille, padded dash, foam rubber padded seat cushions, courtesy lights, parking brake light, special side mouldings, chrome rocker panel mouldings, Jetaway Hydramatic transmission, power steering and brakes, dual exhaust, electric clock, colour accented wheel discs, and chrome wheel frames. Interiors could be ordered in a variety of coloured leathers, cloth, and Morocceen. Standard tires were 8.50 (216) by 14 inches (356 millimetres). Air suspension was added as an option. Also new was a speed warning device.

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