Cadillac 90 Series 39-90 9023 7-Person Sedan by Fleetwood

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90 Series 39-90 9023 7-Person Sedan by Fleetwood





The Cadillac Series 39-90, V-16, was the same as the 1938 model except for a few detail changes: Chrome strips used along running board edges. Spear on hood and fender skirts fully chromed. New instrument panel and minor differences in bumpers and tail lights. Generator relocated high in the Vee and belt driven. Most literature says the displacement is "431 cu. in." (i.e., 7.062 litres), but in calculating the bore and stroke for 16 cylinders results in 384 cu. in. (6.287 litres)

Three hundred fifteen were sold in the first year, 138 in the next. The production of the 1940 models ended in December 1939.

Sold for: 44000 USD
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