Auge 8-9hp Twin Cylinder Cyclope Dos-a-Dos Phaeton

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8-9hp Twin Cylinder Cyclope Dos-a-Dos Phaeton





The Augé was a motor car made by Daniel Augé et Cie, Levallois-Perret, Seine, France, from 1898 to about 1901.

It was powered by the Cyclope engine, so called because the original models used hot-tube ignition, the platinum tubes being heated with one lamp. After 1899, electric ignition was used for the 4hp (3kW) horizontal 2-cylinder engine. Power was transmitted by belts to a countershaft, the final drive being by chain. Later models used 5, 7, or 8 hp, both horizontal and vertical. It was offered in a dos-a-dos (four seats, two in back facing backward and two in front facing forward) and a three-seat, or troika, version. Sometimes the vehicles were called Cyclope. The latter featured electric ignition and crankpins set at 180 degrees from one another, an unusual arrangement at the time. The Cyclops was manufactured in upright and horizontal versions, the latter being used to power the Augé motor car, which carried its power unit up front. The chassis specification included two-speeds-plus-reverse transmission with chain final drive and a foot pedal operating a brake on the differential, while a hand lever brought the rim brakes into play.


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