Horch 780B Cabriolet by Glaser

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780B Cabriolet by Glaser





In March 1932, Horch introduced its new 700 Series models, at the pinnacle of which sat the Type 780. They were powered by a 4.9-litre straight eight engine delivering 100bhp, which was good enough for a top speed of around 125km/h, depending on the type of coachwork. Production of the 780 and 780 B lasted from 1932 to 1934, by which time a little over 300 of these supremely elegant cars had been completed.

According to the records, only 82 examples of the 780 B were built, including coach built cars bodied by the likes of Erdmann & Rossi and Bauer.

A Getrag five-speed gearbox was chosen (the later Horch 853 models could be ordered with a five-speed 'box), and this modern all-synchromesh transmission makes the car very easy to drive.

Sold for: 632500 EUR
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