Cadillac 75 Generation 3 Series 47-75 7533 Imperial Sedan by Fleetwood

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75 Generation 3 Series 47-75 7533 Imperial Sedan by Fleetwood





Unchanged in all but minor details for 1947, the big Series 75 continued to use the touring sedan body with a stately prewar appearance. It came in the same five configurations marketed the year before and had the same assortment of standard equipment geared to the luxury class buyer.

Although there was little change from '46, the quickest way to distinguish a '47 was the Cadillac name written in script on the front fenders. And while Spartan rubber stone guards had been used on the leading edge of the rear fenders for '46, they were made of stainless steel in 1947. A full wheel cover, which came to be called the "sombrero" because of its size and shape, replaced the diminutive standard '46 hubcap. The housings for the fog lamps and parking lights were combined for '47 and one of the horizontal bars of the grille was eliminated. The trunk emblem, meanwhile, sprouted LaSalle-like wings (except on the Sixty Special). Overall, the effect of the '47 styling was a bit more "Cadillac" than in 1946.

Mechanically, the '47 engine was toughened with hardened ball seats as a component of the hydraulic valve lifters. Cadillac considered this improvement important enough to phase it in on the late '46s. Sixty-Two convertibles and the Seventy-Fives were now equipped with Hydro-Lectric window lifts as standard equipment. This was a complicated hydraulic system that requires careful attention to long-term maintenance for the collector who owns a Cadillac so fitted.

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