Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Gebruder Turismo 5 posti 1939

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Alfa Romeo


6C 2500 Gebruder Turismo 5 posti 1939





Switzerland often purchase as a bare chassis to take advantage of the custom fees designed to promote local body shop business, they were built with a more touring concept than the Italian one; customers demanded more comfortable and usable convertibles. The body shops like Graber, Worblaufen and Gebruder was among of them.

One of early convertibles the coachwork, with its flowing pontoon wings and long, sleek lines, was built by Gebrüder Tüscher, for Herr Direktor Weber. It is interesting to note that even though Gebrüder Tüscher served as Alfa Romeo’s Swiss importers during this period, and they dealt with numerous 6C 2500 chassis.

One of the more important Swiss body shops, Graber, focused on outfitting American chassis, did not miss out improving their quality with European cars. At 1949 it built couple of convertibles.

Graber, who was born in Wichtrach, Switzerland, learned the trade from his father, becoming a well-respected coachbuilder of horse-drawn vehicles before making his first automobile body for a Fiat 508 in 1927. He achieved additional fame in St. Moritz two years later, as he won the Concours d’Elegance for his work on a Panhard-Levassor 20 CV – an achievement that undoubtedly expanded his international renown.

It is believed that he was responsible for sourcing several Alfas for high-ranking German officers. Angelo Tito Anselmi’s authoritative book, Alfa Romeo 6C 2500, notes that the few chassis was completed in June of 1942, and its delivery almost a year later in April 1943 would indicate the period spent constructing the beautiful cabriolet coachwork.

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