Cadillac 62 Eldorado Generation 2 Series 55-62 6267SX Sport Convertible Coupe by Fisher

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62 Eldorado Generation 2 Series 55-62 6267SX Sport Convertible Coupe by Fisher





While no major appearance changes were seen on Cadillacs this year, a number of refinements were apparent. The grille was redesigned with wider spaces between the blades, the parking lamps were repositioned directly below the headlights. On the sides of the body the rub-rail mouldings formed a right angle with the vertical trim on the rear doors or fenders of Series 62 and 60S models. This accentuated a character line in the sheet metal. The Florentine curve rear window treatment was adopted for sedans. Three chrome mouldings bordered the rear license plate on either side and deck lid decorations consisted of a V-shaped ornament and a Cadillac crest. Sales reached a record 118,190, accounting for nearly 84% of all Cadillac’s sold. Standard equipment included back-up lights, turn signals, and automatic transmission.

The Coupe DeVille had a golden script nameplate at the upper body belt just forward of the rear window pillar.

The Eldorado sport convertible featured extras such as; wide chrome body belt moldings, a distinctive rear fender design with twin round taillights halfway up the fenders and flatter, pointed tailfins. Tubeless tires were a new feature throughout the line.

Cadillac horsepower seemed to climb right along with sales. For 1955 it reached 250 standard via higher compression (9.0:1) and improved manifolding; Eldorado now boasted 270HP courtesy of dual four-barrel carburettors, optional for other models.

Sold for: 132000 USD
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