Cadillac 452B 5130S 5-Passenger Sedan by Fleetwood

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452B 5130S 5-Passenger Sedan by Fleetwood





In December 1929, weeks after the advent of the Great Depression, Cadillac President Lawrence P. Fisher announced that Cadillac would build the ultimate luxury car, and introduced it to the world in 1930 as the V-16. It was to be the first car with under hood design considerations. Styled by Owen Nacker, the polished black enamel contrasting with brushed aluminium accents on the valve covers, pleated fuel lines, a false firewall to conceal necessary wiring and plumbing from view, and ignition wiring hidden under covers accented by colourful cloisonné knobs. Cadillac produced V-16’s from 1930 to 1939, albeit in very small numbers.

Styling and appearance of the V-16 Model 452-B was the same as the V-8 and V-12 except for emblems and longer hood with seven ports. A few Fleetwood body styles had an 18 degree rather than the typical 12 degree windshield. Some body styles achieved the ultimate proportions -- radiator over front axle, windshield mid-way between the axles, and all seating between the axles.

With the longer wheelbase and more power and weight, some mechanical details were beefed up versions of the V-8 and V-12 designs (254mm deep frame, heavier axles, 18" rims, 279mm clutch, 406mm brake drums, different gear ratios, greater battery/generator capacity).

The engine remained basically the same as in 1930-31. As on the V-12, carburettors were changed to Detroit Lubricator, and the oil filter was changed to Cuno. Fuel feed was by mechanical pump. Intake silencers with filter took the place of the vacuum tanks on the dash. In a departure from the smooth, uncluttered look of the earlier V-16, the spark plug wires sprouted from the top of the distributor cap. A more efficient and dependable design, but a real compromise in appearance.

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