Ferrari 340 MM Spider by Vignale

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340 MM Spider by Vignale





The Ferrari 340 Mexico was a Ferrari race car. It used 4.1l Lampredi V12 engine producing around 280bhp. Just 4 were made in 1952, 3 Vignale Berlinettas and 1 Vignale Spyder; all designed by Giovanni Michelotti.

The Ferrari 340 MM was a more powerful version of the 340 Mexico which was intended for the Carrera Panamericana. The use of Weber carburettors helped the 340 achieve 300 hp (224 kW), some 20 more than its Mexico counterpart. 11 examples were made, 4 Pinin Farina Berlinettas, 2 Touring Spyders and 5 Vignale Spyders (designed by Giovanni Michelotti). Some were converted to 375 MM spec

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