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Introduced in 1934, the BMW 315 was a midsized Saloon car produced until 1937. The 315 was manufactured alongside the 303, until the end of production in 1936. The 315 formed the basis for the high-performance BMW 315/1 Roadster, of which only 242 examples were manufactured. The starting point for this development came at the Berlin Auto Show in May of 1934, where BMW presented a prototype of a Sports Roadster with exceptionally attractive styling. Right behind the long and sleek engine compartment were two sports seats tailored to the driver and front passenger protected by a low, raked windscreen and emergency roof. The rear of the body tapered out in an elegant sweep, adding a particular aerodynamic touch with excellent streamlining. The radiator grill on the sporting 315/1 Roadster was inclined much further to the rear than on the Saloon model, with mighty, sweeping front wheel arches extending on beneath the doors into the rear wheel arches. The 315/1 Roadster was replaced by the legendary BMW 328 Roadster in 1936.

The BMW 315/1 was a sports car based on the 315 saloon. It used the same chassis as the 315 saloon and had an engine of the same displacement. However, with compression ratio increased to 6.8:1 from 5.6:1 in the saloon, and with the use of three Solex carburetors, power increased to 40.6 PS (29.9 kW; 40.0 hp) at 4300 rpm, while the roadster bodywork reduced kerb weight to 750 kg (1,653 lb).

The BMW 319/1 was a 1.9 litre version of the 315/1 introduced alongside the 319 in 1935. The dimensions of the 319's engine with the performance modification of the 315/1's engine resulted in 55 bhp (41.0 kW) at 4000 rpm in the 319/1 roadster.

Production of the 315/1 and 319/1 roadsters ended in 1936, with 242 of the 315/1 roadsters and 102 of the 319/1s built. The 315/1 and 319/1 were replaced by the BMW 328, which was based on an all-new tubular steel ladder frame, but used the steering gear and suspension of the 319/1.

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