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24 S Tourer





Closely related to the outgoing Model N, the 1906 Packard Model S, is often considered the car that first showed forward movement from the Packard company which was beginning to lose ground to the competition. Other luxury brands were introducing more powerful engines, more sophisticated brakes, even electrical conveniences, luring buyers away from the Packard brand. The S was the first car to cause a little bit of drama in the Packard boardroom with the Packard brothers showing little interest in building a new car, preferring to continue building quality vehicles of robust values their buyers had grown to appreciate. In the end, the stoic nature became the center of an advertising campaign for the S, which worked in many ways.

The Model S was also known as the 24, indicating horsepower being developed by the S's four-cylinder engine. First of the Packard T-heads, this engine also marked the first use of magneto ignition. A hydraulic governor was fitted to the engine. Wheelbases were stretched to 119 inches (108 for the runabout). Introduced this year was the soon-to-be-famous Packard hexagon-shaped hub

The Model S was available as a Touring, Victoria, Landaulet, Limo and Runabout, using a 119 inch or 108 inch wheelbase respectively, and a 24 horsepower, inline 4 cylinder engine. The boost in power didn’t go unnoticed; the Runabout was an especially adept competitor, and the Touring was a luxury tour de force for the era, presenting elegant styling and exquisite detailing inside and out. Nicely too, the robustness that Packard had become known for transferred into the new Model S, and the competition once again had something to keep an eye on.

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