Alfa Romeo 1900C Sprint Series 1 Type 1 Touring

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Alfa Romeo


1900C Sprint Series 1 Type 1 Touring





Just a little more than a year after the launch of the new 1900 saloon, Alfa Romeo invited Touring to develop a lightweight coupe using aluminium construction, based on the short floorplan developed alongside the standard ones, which could be built by Touring in relative large numbers. While it was to be recognizable in its styling as a model of the new generation, it was also to be reminiscent of the prestigious 6C 2500.

The first coupe from Touring was presented in 1951, based on the platform which had been shorted from 2630 mm to 2500 mm (1900C). Three different body versions were produced up to 1958, totalling 1465 coupes. Touring employed its patented Superleggera construction system to build coupe.

The Touring Coupe with shapely bumpers was made in aluminium.

The first Touring Coupe copied largely the front of the 1900 Berlina, the doors cover the sills and the bumpers are made of polished aluminium. Only on the first type of coachwork of the 1st series the door handle would spring out when button pressed.

Only slight modifications are carried out with the first series, type 2. The designers shorten the doors primarily for reasons of simplified manufacturing; now the doors which stop at the sill. 

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