Fiat 1200 Wonderful Coupe by Vignale

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1200 Wonderful Coupe by Vignale





Fiat 1200 was the name of three distinct models produced by Italian car manufacturer Fiat, all based on Fiat 1100 mechanicals. The first two were introduced in 1957, and replaced the TV (Turismo Veloce) variants at the top of the Fiat 1100 range: the 1200 Granluce, an upmarket small four-door saloon derived from the 1100, and the 1200 Spyder, an update of the previous 1100 TV Trasformabile 2-door roadster. The 1200 Granluce was discontinued in 1961 when larger Fiat saloons were introduced, while the 1200 Trasformabile/Spyder was replaced in 1959 by the 1200 Cabriolet. This was a new Pininfarina design, later developed into the 1200 and 1500 Cabriolets.

Wonderful Coupe built by Turin-based Vignale in extremely limited numbers, perhaps as few as two production examples plus the car exhibited at the 1957 Turin Motor Show, the 1200 Wonderful Coupe incorporates the first known post-war example of what would come to be known as the targa top; the car’s removable roof panel is designed to be securely strapped down and stowed away in the car’s trunk to provide an open-air driving experience.

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